” Arnold said because customers have to pre order and

thru Papillion Farmers Market set for May 20

“It’s gonna be different. Different for me, for the customers and for the public,” she said.

Roland is happy the 2020 market didn’t get canceled. But because she can now only advertise online, she worries the new drive thru method will make it harder to attract new customers.

“They have to pre order and pay before they see the product which is going to be really challenging for them because people wanna see the product before they purchase,” Roland said.

## ## Larry Arnold, the owner of Arnold Acres, has similar concerns.

In a statement, he said “people want to observe, touch, and smell their produce so they can make a decision about what to buy and which fruits or veggies to pick.” Arnold said because customers have to pre order and pre pay, all of that will be missing this year.

First time Papillion vendor Jodi Jefferson sells gourmet cupcakes, sweet cakes, and more. She says she’s okay with the new pre order and drive thru process because it saves her from over baking.

“This is perfect, I know exactly how much to make and I’ll have no waste,” she said.

Though, Jefferson admits she’ll miss the face to face interactions she gets at a normal farmers market.

“That part I think a lot of people will miss, but people have to remember this is a new way of life for us, and people need to pack their patience everywhere we go these days,” she said.

The vendors will be wearing masks as they’re loading products into people’s cars.

The city hopes to eventually transition back into a walking market sometime this year but it will depend on the directed health measures in effect.

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